Raquel Henry

Raquel Henry is a storyteller with a goal of creating a conversation and change in the way people think, view and interact with a brand. She loves to write and says a “day writing media materials has been a good day.”

 If you need to interview Big Tex, she can get you that interview after having survived 50-60 hour weeks working in PR at the Texas State Fair. In her previous agency experience as a Social Media Manager, she wrote strategy, oversaw campaigns, managed Client accounts and created social media cheat sheets for their clients. Raquel can rattle off social media best practices after both implementing them, writing blog posts about them and training clients.

Raquel is dedicated to taking a creative approach to public relations through individualized conversations and innovative thinking. She has built experience in almost every aspect of public relations including writing, research skills, strategic communication, editing, social media, and graphic design. Away from work, you can find her playing with and being walked by her two large dogs. Raquel graduated from Texas State University with a degree in Public Relations and Mass Communications.


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