Sydney Street

Sydney Street grew up in a Dallas restaurant family where she worked on both sides of the counter and kitchen before she was able to drive. She understands the marketing, branding and importance of social media and public relations and “getting the word out” from a unique perspective.

Before her official first day of work, Sydney begin texting Jeanne with social media ideas for Clients along with many questions. She has a fierce self-motivation and drive to get things done. Sydney always places strategy behind her actions so as not to be merely checking tasks off a list in order to create awareness and media coverage for her Clients.

Sydney’s constant desire and ability to go above and beyond expectations is seen within our office as well as by our Clients. She has a large network of food social influencers that she personally follows that she now activates for Client. She also likes to keep everything super organized and knows just where to place everything at Client events with her artistic eye. When she isn’t on the go you can find her planning her next trip and playing with her very large cat.